Hello, Hola, Bonjour, xin chào, Kamusta, Sabaidee, Sawadee kap\ka, Ming galaba, konichouwa, annyeong haseyo, nihow, Salam, Hej!

As you know, or as you’ll soon learn, my name is Thomas. During the last year, I’ve traveled across this fair planet with my lovely fiancée Dahn. Together, we have seen so many of the incredible treasures that the world has to offer. And we just can’t help but want to share these delightful pieces with the people back home. Our plan was simple. While we traveled, we picked up a few items unique to the country we were visiting and that we think that you discerning people would have appreciated. All the products we choose were made in the country of origin to ensure authenticity and tradition.

Ever dream of travelling the world, but never had the time? We can’t take you with us as you’d probably not fit in our backpacks, but this is the next best thing. Please take a look at what we have for offer at the moment and make sure to pick it up if it interests you. You will not only be helping the local economy of the country the product is made in, but also support the wonderful people that make them. We currently are in Canada so if you would like any special Canadian product let us know and we will help you get it.